Thursday, September 22, 2011

Watching the clock...

I looked up today and realized it was after 1 PM. After one and I hadn't done the dishes, or laundry, or anything houseworky at all really. (Except get the kids to school and walk and feed the dog.)

So what was I doing all day??




Working. :)

Learning that the new characters I'm writing are pretty cool people and that I really enjoy them. Veronica/Ronnie is a groovy character who has a huge amount of potential. HUGE. She's sort of a kiwi version of Ellie, without the songs, TV shows, insanity, ghosts, and without the Glock, or the rifle - which you don't know about yet anyway, so as you were.
Her side-kicks (partners...) Jenn and Steph have masses of potential too. I like Ronnie's nana and I really like her cousin Donny. I love that it's all set here in Upper Hutt. And the fact that Ronnie has a Greyhound is just icing really -beautiful little roses made of white and pink icing.
And that I get to blow up trolls... well, that's like the sparkly luster dust on the icing roses.
Joyful stuff.
And then, to bring even more joy... the zombie potential.

Now I have to keep an eye on the time so I'm not late to pick Breezy up from school!!

Meanwhile - go by my books -if you haven't already! (No, really... go on! Links are over on your right. Unless you wanna get them via iTunes, or B&N, or Book Depository.)

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