Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday, a birthday, and a new byte novel?


As of yesterday we have had Romeo for three months. I can't imagine life without him now. He's such an awesome dog. I'm just going to throw this out there - I consider him to be the best dog I've ever owned. (And that's saying something, because before Romeo - Jake was the best dog in the world!)

So anyway - today is Admin One's birthday. It's not quite as fancy as Admin Bubbles birthday - we're not in NYC having dinner with Lorenza Ponce... (Now that was a hilarious night!!)
Dinner is at our place tonight - just easier with kids and Action Man not getting home from work until after six. The cake is made - here's hoping I remember to get the cream this morning!

Last night I was minding my own business - watching TV, sort of scrawling in a notebook at the same time. Then I read what I'd written. Hmmm. I have barely finished Soundbyte -the 5th Byte, still have no release date or even ball park - don't get me fucn started cos it's really starting to piss me off - for Flashbyte - the 4th Byte and now I find myself with the opening chapter of a brand new Byte novel.
Well, color me surprised.

I did mention earlier that I wanted a break from Bytes - I have a NZ novel I want to devote time to and start the agent query process with.
Yes, that's right, agent query process.
The kiwi novel needs to be in book stores - mortar stores - stores here in NZ and everywhere else! It pisses me off that I'm not eligible to enter the Ngaio Marsh awards because my books are NOT available in NZ stores. They're available online through NZ stores - at a ridiculously inflated price - because apparently greed runs rampant. And no, for the umpteenth time, I don't get any more money no matter how much stores charge for my book... it makes no difference to me what stupid price they sell them for except that they have the price so inflated NO ONE will (or should) buy them from any NZ online outlet. (You should buy them from Book Depository because they don't charge shipping to NZ or most other places.)

The whole wanting a break from Byte novels is not looking like a happening thing right now... and that is annoying.

Would be nice to hit this New Zealand thing with all my attention. Would also be nice to make some real money. Hello, advance paying publishing houses, it's me Cat... have I got a story for you! :-) (actually I have the makings of a series... which is even better than a story!)

Seeings I have no fucn clue when Flashbyte will be released I don't feel that I can devote all my attention to the NZ novel - it's way too hard jumping back and forth between Kiwi and American characters.

I have itchy feet - or is that itchy fingers - or maybe an itchy mind. I need to move forward and moving forward is going to involve some changes.
The less information and less communication, the more I see change ahead.
I don't like chasing answers.

On that note, I'm off to take Breezy to the doctor. (Possible ear infection, again.)

Poor Romeo doesn't get a walk this morning.

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