Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Till we ain't strangers anymore

Yesterday was a total pain in the ass - really, it was shite. I think it was a hang over from Monday and copping a ton of abuse for daring to walk Romeo. (Some people suffer from FiTH syndrome*, and sadly the cure is illegal.)

So, today - is a much nicer day.

Plus, I've been giving away copies of the new improved updated version of Torrent. Because I can. And it's fun giving stuff away.

Whats more, I'm writing. Screw this not writing lark. It really messes with my head.
I don't think the kids like it either - I had more time to point out their messy room and the solution to said mess. (And the litter box that required cleaning, and toys dumped on the floor that required picking up, and piles of laundry that they hadn't yet put into their drawers....) See, when I'm writing, I don't take that much notice of my surroundings, as long as every thing's mostly tidy. I don't go looking for stuff to clean.

What am I writing?

I have no clue.

I don't know what it is or where it fits or if it fits, but has to be written. the only thing I do know its that it's a Byte something. Could be a single, could be an album, who knows? lol

Damn that spy truck is really hanging around today.**

I shall now carry on writing whatever this is, and listening to Lost Highway - because This Left Feels Right is finished.
It's a Bon Jovi kinda day. (And that's how everyone around me knows I'm writing and that it's something to do with Ellie Conway.)

If anyone reading this would like a Kindle copy of Torrent - you can email me, facebook, G+, tweet, or leave a comment here- but make sure I can get hold of you! lol
It's pretty simple, just tell me why you want a copy. :)

* FiTH syndrome = fucked in the head
** Spy truck = street sweeper; and how a street sweeper truck started spending an unnatural amount of time outside our house a few years ago... for a few days before I had a visit from an agency. Coincidence? Really? lol

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