Wednesday, September 21, 2011

These days the stars seem out of reach

It's probably not true, but right now, here, today - the stars seem out of reach.

I've spent more time writing about Romeo than I have writing anything else. That's okay, I'm pretty much just killing time anyway. And Romeo is a willing subject as is Missy the fat grey cat.

Limbo is not such a fun place to be. There is stuff that needs doing - blurbs that need requesting and I can't do that at the moment because I don't know what's going on.

It worse when it's not my doing but the result of a lack of communication from other parties. Patience? What fuc'n patience? I have none. I did have some, but it's long since gone... we're now heading into "cutting off nose despite face" territory.
Although I should be able to prevent any rashness for the next day or so - at least there is an email in the works - designed to get us some answers. (Yeah, us, not alone in this, thank God!)
 The problem is - if it's not acknowledged very very quickly... I won't be able to stop myself taking the next step.
Ever seen a Sagittarius really pissed off?? Stick around, it's spectacular!

Meanwhile I need to think about something other than the total destruction of those that fuck with me because that's just not healthy.

Last night was Admin One's birthday dinner. Both Admins had a chance to see the "Romeo and the chicken" story, and enjoyed it. (Whew! Now not worried about giving it to Anna.)

I suppose I could open this kiwi story and have some fun killing people/zombies/whoever.

Admins thought I should've been writing notes last night... no need. The Needy Nut-Job we were chuckling about doesn't warrant much note taking - it's not like there is a personality that needs capturing for the story. Needy Nut-Jobs never have much by way of personality, and this one's a stalker - says it all really.

Meanwhile I'm listening to Bon Jovi's These Days album.

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