Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday you failed, there's no sun.

Nothing worse than a day that promises something and doesn't deliver... and today Sunday is a great big fail. Haven't seen any sun. Seen quite a bit of rain though. Bit over it, quite frankly. SUN-day, should always involve SUN, especially in the spring. Almost used a hashtag then. It was close. Very close!

I think we all know it won't be long before I use hashtags in a blog - I've already used them in actual text messages not just text tweets... caught myself using them in email too.

So, today was a sun fail.

We went out to The Fig Tree cafe with the Admins. None of us were very impressed. Over priced and not that good, quite frankly.
But we did it.

We also went down to Animates and got the cat crack... enough to last her a month. Hopefully she'll now be a happy Fat-fat. Also, got some dog treats... seems Romeo LOVES duck. Thought he might like it, he does enjoy poultry. But he LOVES duck treats... this stuff is like duck jerky and smells like roast duck.

Went and bought some lovely big notebooks too. I got 3. A4 sized. Should keep me busy for a bit. I actually just needed one for something special but they were on sale. Ya see, my favorite ex-cop is back in the country and there is the promise of stories and unsolved cases from around here... and I will need to make notes. Lots of notes. Yes, I do intend to use this stuff in a few UH based mysteries/thrillers. I don't plan on using real names... and I will adapt the situations to suit. (Poetic licence.) Let's hope we get plenty of time to catch up!!

Yesterday we took Romeo to the GAP run. He seemed to enjoy the first little while and he wanted to play but none of the dogs wanted to play with him. Think he missed Cleo, she was always up for a game of chase. Romeo wouldn't run at all unless Action Man ran with him. We gave him an hour, during which time he spent most of the time by the gate crying or leaning on the fence next to us for cuddles. He doesn't like being behind a fence and not being able to get to us. All in all, not a great success for our boy. Romeo is used to weekend runs with Cleo, and having us all walking together while he and Cleo run like maniacs - and circle us, or just walk next to us, whenever they like. Kids, dogs, grown-ups all together.

He mixed with the other hounds for awhile, and said hello to everyone.

Then he kept coming back for hugs and crying to get out. :(
Yes, the orange you see are my tie-dyed orange jeans. (Pure awesome, right?)

If you click on this picture you should be able to see Romeo chasing Action Man. Romeo gave Action Man a good head start but caught him quickly.

When 30 meters equals 6 strides... it take no time at all for a Greyhound to catch a person. (Yes, Greyhounds have a stride length of about 5 meters!!)
Romeo is well aware how pathetic humans are in comparison as his favorite game on a Sunday is to chase Squealer at the park... he gives her a LONG head start.

I've still got a certain book in my bag! Been carrying it around all weekend. Hoping to catch up with Anna and Dave and the kids next weekend and hand over the book! (And seeing the kids will make Breezy very happy... she's really missed Soph and Jojo this weekend.)

So, how was your weekend??

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