Friday, September 9, 2011

Some days I really miss...

Virginia (and DC.)

It's pretty simple really.

It's how it is. I love the smell of spring time - which it is here now... except it doesn't smell like a mix of cherry blossoms and tulips and fresh mulch. (The mulch thing takes a few days to get used to... it really does.)

There are no violets covering the grass at the cemetery. I know, because I looked today when I walked through it with Romeo.

Violets in a graveyard, somewhere in Virginia.
Blue Line Guy can no doubt tell me where exactly! :)

Violets at St. Paul's Rock Creek.

The abundance of violets almost made up for the reflecting pools renovation that was taking place along with the other major renovations going on in DC while we were there in April.

It's true the sky is a different blue.
(And I always thought that was crap - poetic - but crap none the less.)

So there you have it.

Oh and it's almost wine o'clock and someone doesn't have any wine... so not cool!
Will be a late whine o'clock here today. :)

Earlier today I was reading through a manuscript I wrote a few years ago and came to a scene set here.
<<< In fact Mac was seen standing by the tree and the traffic lights. Or at least Ellie thought it was him.

Kinda cool really.

On that note I shall post this, then go over to FaceBook and delete the multiple copies that it likes to spit up... so annoying! And it's getting worse - used to be two extra posts but now it's three.
Grrrr at Facebook and it's uselessness.

Now that was weird.
I smell cherry blossom.. or I did. And now it's gone.

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