Thursday, September 15, 2011

Romeo and the Chicken.

I'm pretty sure most of you know that there are chickens in ALL the Byte books - not so much the short stories, but in each novel there is at least one chicken. It's purposeful. I go into a little bit of a panic if I can't remember the where the chicken scene is once I've finished writing the book - this morning I couldn't remember if there was a chicken in Soundbyte. Doh! Of course there is, but I had to go look. lol

Guess it follows on that the only kids book I've written (apart from a Christmas one for the girls and grandboys a few years back) has a chicken... okay, a chicken carcass but it's still chicken!! It counts.

I like chickens. Fried, roasted, marinated.

But that's not the whole reason why there are chickens in each and every Byte novel.

The chickens are for Sue and they remind me of how much we've laughed over the years.

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