Saturday, September 10, 2011

Please turn your brain on.

Well, maybe not you, you may have yours on already... do you? But mine's lagging and about to switch off.

Today was Saturday.
Grocery hell day. (Or as certain youngsters-now-grown-up call it: Big milk.)
I thought we were early enough to beat the bastard crypt keeper - but no - it seems relics don't sleep. (Who knew?)
Anyway  -despite the evil crypt keeper, the zombie relics and the regular relics, we got the groceries done and a months worth of groceries put away... then rushed off to a play date.

The highlight of Romeo's week.
The dogs were very happy to see each other and tore off chasing right away. The kids were thrilled too and they hung out, and us bigger folk had fun as well.
We also met up with two more Greyhounds.
Turns out Cleo and Romeo are whooping great big show-offs. Romeo wasn't interested in hanging out with the 'new' hounds at all... he just wanted them to watch in awe as he and Cleo ran. :)
And then it rained.
It rained.
Rain causes shrinkage.
My hair isn't straight, it's VERY VERY curly in an unruly, unmanageable, crazy kinda way. But it looks straight to those that don't know, and rain takes all the straight away.

The rest of Saturday was spent dragging whiny kids around Petone and Lower Hutt, while we tried to decide what to do with the back garden. A plan formed and was actioned, during which we discovered something.
Turns out Romeo is a digger. Yup, we now know how his feet end up so dirty when he's been running around the backyard and what he does when he runs like a loon, disappears behind the shed, and runs like a loon again. (Rinse and repeat, three times.) - he digs. He's dug two big holes behind the shed in the last two weeks. Little bit at a time.
When I'm outside with him, I tend to be near the washing line or by the deck, not behind the shed... he's sneaky.

So, if that was Saturday... we've had it.

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