Thursday, September 1, 2011

New blogger interface is quite groovy!

Shit that's a sad blog title.

But it's true! This new interface is pretty darned groovy!! It's clean and easy to use... so far. I've only had half a glass of Port. Let's see how easy it is as this drink blog progresses shall we??

So today was kinda buzzy. Yep, it was.

I was working - been working pretty hard the last few days. I have written over ten thousand words. That's quite a few, especially as it's a first draft. Which pretty much means the words weren't easy to come by. The story evolved as I wrote, so, this was the hardest part.
Everything from here on in is icing or gravy if you prefer.

I think you're off your rocker if you choose either, I much prefer Port. :)

Oh, I missed the bit where I tell you the first-draft of SOUNDBYTE is done!
First-draft is a little bit of a misnomer - there is no actual First Draft as such. It's just the first time the book reaches THE END.
Because I usually write beginning to end, it's nice to finally reach those last two words, and knowing what it took for my characters to get here this time makes this quite an achievement - and to find my mind mostly intact is a bonus! Let's go with mostly, shall we. Sounds better than me finishing this and finding I'm barely more than a zombie!

The other neat thing about today?

I got to talk to a friend of mine in Virginia, and I haven't spoken to him since leaving the USA. So, that was pretty darn awesome.

Soundbyte is now sitting here waiting for the dust to settle. A few days of settling, then I'll send it to my Kindle and read it.
Meanwhile - waiting on second round of edits for Flashbyte. (And remembered about something I wanted to add, so the waiting is killing me, lol)
It's almost time to finish the first draft of the kiwi story, "Wherefore Art Thou" - it may well become a little bit of a zombie number, because I'm just dying to toss a few zombies into something. And quite frankly Upper Hutt could do zombies... we have the National Center for disease control, right here! Yes we do.
Yep, you can see where this is going can't you?? I sure can.

Yeah, I'm drinking and blogging and tweeting...

This is gonna get fun. :)

Had a hilarious moment with Soundbyte today... because of this guy. Not that he'll ever know. But it had me laughing! :)
My main character was less impressed but sometimes she's just hard to please...

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