Monday, September 5, 2011

Madder than hell!

I need to just rant for a little bit - you'll understand in a minute. You will.
Trust me.

Every morning I take Breezy to school, we walk. We walk with Romeo. You all know Romeo, right?
This guy right here...
A 35kg Greyhound. A loving, friendly, smart animal who always wants to please and is scared of blowflies.

So, this morning we were about half way to school. Ahead of us, walking toward us were a couple. Not unusual, we see lot's of people on our way to school. Only while they were still about twenty meters away the woman started yelling at me.
At this point you need to know I have my five year old daughter with me, and our 12 year old (with many syndromes) is holding Romeo's leash and about a half meter in front of us.
I can't really hear what the woman is yelling about - slightly incoherent and I'm concentrating on keeping the kids calm.
As they get closer the male starts going on at me about how the dog has to be muzzled. He's yelling, she's yelling. They are both saying it's the law. he's a Greyhound and he has to be muzzled. I said "No, that's wrong."
She yelled and screamed and hollered all the way down the street about how he had to be muzzled and she knew the law (only as it pertains to parole, I suspect) and that she hoped the dog bit one of my kids. Then I'd learn and muzzle my fucking dog.

There were so many things I wanted to say to them both, but couldn't. Because escalation is NEVER SMART.
Plus, you can't argue with the much stupid. You just can't.
And I had my kids to think about, and my dog - who were all scared.

So what happened next?

I took Breezy to school and told her I would handle it.

I came home with Romeo and Squealer (who is home today due to crazy bad allergies) and called the City Council, I spoke to Glenys (Could be Glennis, I should have asked about spelling) who is a Dog control officer and fabulous. (We've talked before and she is a helpful and genuinely nice woman.) I told her what had happened. And checked that I was right, and that Greyhounds do not require muzzles. I was. I am. He does not.
We talked about the fucktards and the plan is, if I see them again, anywhere, and they have a vehicle - to get the tag number for her. She'd like to know who these people are. If they speak to me, try intimidating me again - call police.
Because now there is a record of me having rung the council about abuse, next time, it's police and this will not go away. Because I will press assault charges. I don't care how many tattoos that dumb shit has on his face or how intimidating he tries to be, or how insane his partner is. That does not give them the right to abuse me and frighten my children and dog.

I don't know what these people have against Greyhounds... they are a gentle breed. Maybe that's it, maybe it's a case of my dog is bigger/smarter/faster/ better mannered than them theirs and they're jealous.

The things I wanted to say but couldn't because I'm, too clever to mouth off like that to lunatics...

Didn't I see you on Police Ten-7 last week?

I'll muzzle my dog when you muzzle your bitch wife.

Who did the art work on your face, a drunk monkey?

You're just another case of natural selection failing.

And one from @vilifyingangel : Switch to pot and calm the fuck down.

Dog envy is such an ugly form of jealousy.

And here's my handsome boy:
He's looking pretty damn vicious cuddling the scary pumpkin toy!


fjackson816 said...

I'm sorry for my suggestion on your FB post about this, I had no idea that these freaks were druggies. Also, you're SO right in that you shouldn't engage in a battle of wits with the unarmed. One never knows how they'd react if you treated them the way they were treating you. I hope you never see them again, but if you do I hope they fall in a hole in the ground and Romeo gets to piss on them.

Cat Connor said...

I like the idea of the asshats falling in a hole and being peed on my Romeo. :)

I see you...

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