Saturday, October 1, 2011

It is a big deal to a kiwi author!

We hear a lot about the price of books, right?
How books are too expensive... well, mostly I hear this from people who don't live in New Zealand or Australia - but from the USA, where books are CHEAP. Seriously... US$18 is cheap for a paperback. (US$18 equals NZ$23) But, that does depend on your frame of reference.
Sure Americans can get paperbacks for under ten bucks - so I guess that makes eighteen expensive, right?
To us, down here at the bottom of the fucn world... we don't understand what you are complaining about.
Paperbacks in stores here retail at about NZ$35. - which is almost US$28. Yeah, thirty-five dollars kiwi is twenty-eight American.

Now do you see why eighteen dollars is no big deal??

We seriously don't mind paying US$9.99 for an ebook (although we'd prefer to pay half that, but it's still cheap for us - compared to a paperback!).

What is a big deal is the ridiculous amount we have to pay in postage to get cheaper paperback books from anywhere else in the world. It ends up costing twice as much to get the book here!

(Please note I am referring to paperbacks - not hardbacks, because unless you are a millionaire people in NZers don't by hardbacks... they are way way too expensive.)

So, I buy my books from Book Depository. Because they don't charge shipping. (I did buy some from Amazon but only because I could have them shipped free to an American address - where I was.)

Now, Book Depository accept NZD. (No more paying in Pounds or USD and having to convert.)

What that means is -

MY BOOKS ARE NOW VERY AFFORDABLE. (and no shipping costs are attached.)

Check this out: killerbyte - terrorbyte - exacerbyte

Not only are they very affordable but they are beautiful. Truly beautiful. Much nicer than the mass market paperbacks available in our stores.

 Because I am so excited about this:

I will do another run of bookplates - anyone from NZ or Aus who buys the paperbacks can request specially designed bookplates - signed by me - free of course. (They're gorgeous and you stick them into the front of the book.)

Now off you go and buy the eco-friendly paperbacks from Book Depository and delight in the beauty. :D


Matt said...

Ordered a copy! It's cool that they've started using $NZ - that's recent right? I bought some books from them last week and I don't think the option for $NZ was there?

Anonymous said...

Very recent Matt -got the email this morning. I was on the site yesterday looking at books and there was no NZD option then! :)

You rock - let me know if you'd like a bookplate!!


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