Sunday, September 4, 2011

He bought a postcard...

If you don't know what song that's from, don't worry. I've been listening to something this afternoon that is all kinds of awesome. A bunch of songs that are chock full of meaning - all smooshed together in a playlist called 'Eclectic R'.

So, anyway, I was thinking of doing something fun... I thought maybe I'd run a competition and giveaway all THREE byte novels.
Yeah you read correctly.
Three. killerbyte, terrorbyte and exacerbyte. All of them, at once, to one person. lol

I'm still thinking about how to do it... so far all I know for sure is that I want to link it to my Facebook page - I'm still not sure what the point of that thing actually is. Maybe if I get the 'likes' to 1000, it will seem like it has a point?
I might give away a signed set of paperbacks and/or a Kindle/Mobipocket set. Obviously if I make this a worldwide competition it will be the Kindle/Mobipocket versions up for grabs, because postage from New Zealand to anywhere else is ridiculous.

That's pretty much where my head has been all day... trying to come up with something EPIC enough for all 3 Byte novels.

See what happens when I finish a novel? My mind takes a vacation and starts coming up with ways of giving stuff away.

I could throw in another few prizes - that would be easy to post, so therefore okay for Worldwide. I think I have a terrorbyte cap and a terrorbyte mousemat somewhere. I shall go check later.


"I really do appreciate the fact you're sitting here..."

Jimmy Buffet makes me smile. (Why don't we get drunk...?)

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