Saturday, September 3, 2011

The first Saturday of spring

I used to be so good at blog titles - now they suck. I'm very sorry or am I?

Last night I was ignoring a kids fantasy movie on the telly (because it's just not my genre, at all, may as well be about vampires, I was that interested.) and tweeting. There are a quite a number of us that have tweeted each other for a while now, here in Wellington. Next weekend a whole bunch of us are going to meet for brunch. I'm really excited about meeting everyone.
Action Man, Squealer, and Breezy will come too - but I doubt Romeo will come, can't see a cafe being overly welcoming of a dog that will probably take up ALL available floor space.

Speaking of Romeo - he has jazz hands. I'm not even kidding. When he gets excited and does that bouncy thing dogs do when they're playing (often with puppies...) his legs are so long he has jazz hands. I dare anyone to keep a straight face while Romeo does his jazz hand dance thing. It's hilarious.

This morning Romeo has a play date with his girlfriend, Cleo. He's missed her. He just doesn't get as much enjoyment out of running with regular dogs or us - where is the challenge? Am hoping today that he'll turn his ears on and perhaps be more aware of who he's wandering off with!
(And today, we're having cake, while the dogs run amok.)

Gotta say this week has been pretty freaking good. (Feckin' good even)

Soundbyte is a complete throbbing twisted entity now - from beginning to middle to terrifying gut wrenching fucn end.

This morning I woke up with a messed up diagram (of sorts) in my head, of the relationships between the characters involved in the crime that Delta A is investigating in Soundbyte. It's marvelous to see it all laid out like that... just goes to prove once again that my mind is a warped freaking place. Seriously, don't go there, especially after dark.
Again, a story has surprised me.
I had no idea when I met a particular character that that person would be pivotal. I thought the person was an extra. (See what I did there? Not even a gender, you're getting nothing that could give this away! lol)
This book takes everything to a new level. Hell, I thought Flashbyte did that (you'll find out soon enough)... okay Exacerbyte, terrorbyte. Purposefully didn't put killerbyte in there, because that's where the journey starts... kinda, but not really. Oh, you'll see. :)
A new level and some big openings for path choices.

That's pretty mean, huh?

So, what's next?

Hopefully I will get the next round of edits back for Flashbyte soon - and then I can add the detail I would like to add - stuff that's driving me crazy. Once that's out of the way... I want to finish the kiwi set mystery that's waiting ever so patiently for me to get on with it!

Also, gotta find away of shutting Ellie up so I can write the kiwi story... and don't end up writing another _Byte novel, just yet!!

Could be tricky. She's not one to go quietly.

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