Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Dance

Not an actual dance... or it could be I suppose. (Would be kinda similar to the Texas two-step.)

There is a lot of dancing around and not a lot of work being accomplished. Guess it's just one of those days.

I imagined myself working today.
I have a fabulously vivid imagination.

Not sure where this dance will leave me. As long as it doesn't slam me into a wall, it should be okay. Should be. (Famous last words?)

I have three manuscripts sitting here. (I'm not counting the ones that you don't really know about yet...)
These three are in various states of undress.

Flashbyte - is playing the waiting game. Which I failed, btw, created a new file and added some of the detail I wanted to add. (I'll just merge it with the file my editor sends me back.)

Soundbyte - is taunting me. It's loud. It's incessant. It told me something last night that I thought came from left-field. But it really didn't. It came from Flashbyte and grew. So, Soundbyte is a complete finished entity that won't sit quietly. No surprises there.

Wherefore Art Thou - is a quieter manuscript. Only because I don't know the characters that well yet. (I know some of them quite well... probably the less said about that the better.) It's waiting on the sidelines for me to be able to set aside The _Byte series for a little while and finish it. I now know finishing it will entail some zombies. Because that's just how it's going to be. Set a book in Upper Hutt - use zombies. Makes sense.

Apart from the dancing with two manuscripts while the third watches (Voyeurism from the kiwi novel... unnerving!), I want to run a competition.
It's occupying a good percentage of my available brain at the moment. I have the prizes sorted. That was the easy bit.
Well, kinda easy. I have the physical prizes sorted. (As in, you can wear it or hold it.)
I am in the process of creating a special edition kindle version of Torrent. Which I may have actually done last night ... maybe I should check! lol

As for the horror of yesterday and the fucktards who successfully ruined my morning - all quiet today. No one hurling abuse. Romeo and I had our usual relaxing walk.

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