Monday, September 12, 2011

4, 7, and 13...

Cryptic? Not if you've seen my Facebook page, G+, or a tweet from me last night. (Maybe this morning actually, because last night it was 3, 10, and 13.)

I hadn't bothered looking at Mobipocket for weeks... mainly because last time I looked killerbyte was still lurking in the top twenty on the Suspense and Thriller list, but the two books I'm most proud, of were no where to be seen. MIA.
Something told me to go look last night...
I found terrorbyte at #3, killerbyte at #10, and exacerbyte at #13.
Excited much? Fuck yes!! Jesus mother Mary! (You really have to hear that with an Irish accent to get the full effect.)
Pretty cool, huh? - Not the accent, but the having all THREE books in the top 15.

That's set me up for a pretty freaking awesome week.

I also managed to finally convert Soundbyte to a kindle file AND send it to my Kindle. Oddly the file name somehow changed in the process. Can't figure it out. The files is called Soundbyte - yet when it arrived on my Kindle it had renamed to "While my guitar gently weeps." WTF? So, I checked the file name of the kindle file on my laptop and the file name of the actual doc... Soundbyte. Hmmm. Weird.

Well, whatever the book's called at the moment - I need to read it without the ability to move anything, change anything or add anything... it's okay to make notes, that is the whole point! But no editing as I read. I have to get at least one complete read of it as it is. Then I can go back over it and move.change, add to my hearts content.

Still waiting on a cover for Flashbyte, a ball park release date, and the next round of edits. Which, if you know me, is dangerous. The longer I have a manuscript sitting here the more I want to will add/move/change stuff. Doesn't matter that I have already sent the first round of edits back to my editor... because it was ages ago, and the story is still kicking around in my head. Maybe more so, after writing 'The End' on Soundbyte.
It's mostly little things - extra detail, really. Nothing that changes the story or alters the end or anything huge.
Just tweaking, fiddling, messing with details, playing... driving myself nuts. :)

So, how was your weekend? What'd you do? Where'd ya go? Was it fun? Do you wanna do it again?

I'm buzzing - this three-books-sitting-at-reasonable-positions thing is awesome.


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