Thursday, August 11, 2011

What was I saying?

It's been like that all day. Every time I had a thought someones voice interrupted and erased it. You try writing a book with a little person yabbering incessantly in the background, and half the time it wasn't even to me, it was just noise.

Yeah, it made me cranky. Very cranky. It didn't matter what I was trying to do, the noise would not stop. So, the synopsis for Flashbyte is still not finished. And I only got to polish one scene in Soundbyte, and even then, it took me hours!! Not to mention spending two hours trying to find three mailing addresses. *bashes head into desk*

And when I put on the new DVD she wanted to watch, she announced she had a headache and it was too loud. It was Bon Jovi. I ended up listening to music via headphones and not watching the DVD and then a little face kept appearing at my elbow. No I couldn't hear her, but that didn't stop her trying to be heard. Meanwhile I was trying to get some work done. Anything constructive done would've made me feel like I was achieving. Turned out she didn't want anything, just to say hello.
*bashes head into desk again*

It feels like I spent all day saying, "Shush."

There was a bright spot today  - it was brief but it was there.

Crime Watch. - pop through the link and check out the competition that Craig is running, it's dead easy to enter... so easy, and you stand to win 8 awesome kiwi novels. And just in case you're not sure... I am a kiwi writer therefore a picture of you with one of my books will get you in the draw!! :) Way you go, make me smile.

Actually to be fair, there was another bright spot too - I had the most awesome dream last night, of course that could've been magnificent inspiration to write (had the noise not been so pervasive). Fabulous action packed MacGyver and Christopher Chance in my dream. Most marvelous.

Mark Valley has a smirk that just works. Uh huh. It does. Trying to hold onto that for a little bit, because I just know it will help me finish this book. (Have huge action scene to write and need all the help I can get!)

Smirk. Yep. A smirk.

Quick update!

Yes someone you know is on the long list...

Isn't that exciting. Finally, being part of the Commonwealth is useful. :) And yes, anyone can vote (actually I'm not sure about that, anyone from the Commonwealth can vote, others may have to check)

Off you go now - make me proud.

That would go a long way to erasing the night of coughing - five hours of coughing, poor kid. She's finally asleep now.

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