Monday, August 22, 2011

What do you have to lose?

How's that for a blog title? Not bad, huh?

Today is one of those... 'fuck it, I have nothing to lose if I ask and only regrets if I don't' - days.

Used to be that I just wouldn't ask but after being in this business for a few years you become immune to things like... good sense and the word no. :)
Perhaps not good sense... that may just be me. But as a writer if you don't develop a pretty thick skin when it comes to the word No, then you're going to be miserable and get... well, no where!

I'm not going to tell you what I did today, if I get a yes, then, yay. You'll find out soon enough, maybe. If I get a no, well it doesn't matter and that's the end of that idea.
Suffice to say, finding the information I needed wasn't as easy as it could've been, so I had to really want this to keep looking.

And now because it's August 22nd and because we loved the Muppet's in our house.
Here's Alice Cooper on the Muppet Show:

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