Monday, August 29, 2011

Walking fast to dodge bullets.

Or teeth.

Walking fast to dodge the scary jaws of a fucktarded pitbull cross that wanted to eat Romeo.

I changed our path home to give us the advantage. Plus, when we got around the corner I put as much distance between us and the traffic lights as possible before I watched to see where the owner of the offending dog was heading - he was going across the main road -fucktarded animal still lunging in our direction.
So we walked down the other side. I figured then if the dog broke free (like it has before) it'd have to run through traffic. Good chance it'd be killed before getting to us and if it did make it, we'd be in the Fire Station before it could get hold of either of us.

Made for a fast walk home. Romeo doesn't mess around when he thinks something is wrong.

So that was how Monday started. :)
Life is never dull.

The weekend was great - but I was pretty pleased to see Monday. Didn't get much sleep last night, which is kinda annoying. That's what happens when I don't get a chance to write for three days. It's not like the story stops, it just has no where to go! Hopefully I can get a good bit done today.

Yesterday The Boy Wonder and I met with Graeme from Oosh Multimedia - we talked book trailer for Flashbyte. I'm actually really excited to see what they come up with. Graeme said the word EPIC. That's gotta be good! lol
It's a bit hard at the moment without a cover - there is no focal point, which is annoying. If Rebel uses my cover ideas then it'll be fine, but if (like the cover issues with exacerbyte) someone else starts trying to interpret my vision then the cover won't match what I was talking to Graeme about.

I know people get different things from books - one will see the story one way and another will have a different perspective - take what you want from the text but don't argue with the author. Because nobody else but the author knows exactly what they wrote about!
Flashbyte is about how we store memories/data and how fragile our memory is.

Flashbyte: When you wake from a nightmare with your own hair wrapped tight around your neck, you just know it’s going to be a hard week. Maybe it’s me, but murders, being hunted by a terrorist, bank robberies, snipers, an exploding house, and a small memory issue that spirals me into a special kind of hell does seem a little excessive.
It’s a memory from the past and they can’t hurt you, right?

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