Saturday, August 6, 2011

The times the are a-changin

Yes, they are.

Things are moving, spring is coming, change is in the air. All good.

I'm currently trying to finish writing the 5th Byte - Soundbyte - almost done! The end will kill you. Seriously. People. It's a gut wrencher like never before. So, yay, you have that to look forward to after Flashbyte and before ... crap... I can't remember the byte after Soundbyte.
Oh well, it'll come to me. Or Eric will slap me upside the head by way of a reminder. :)

Meanwhile on a non-byte note.
Working my fingers to nubs on the new kiwi mystery that I have big plans for - with a little help from my pal/sister in Vermont, Sara J Henry. (There is series potential - and a lot of future story ideas have come from an awesome friend/ex-cop/all-round-good-guy - Mike, that would be you.)
It's not easy writing a new set of characters after working with Ellie and Delta for so long. I've not yet warmed to the new set nor can I write them as easily - that will come. By the time I finish, and put a few layers of polish on this story, I'll be all over these characters.

It's kinda fun going totally kiwi. Harder than I thought. But fun.

Y'all will get an education, that's for sure.

And somehow I need to work in my favorite Tui billboard - (Megan no offense you know we love you but every time this makes me laugh and think of you... )

It's not a walk of shame, it's the stroll of success. - Yeah right!

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