Monday, August 8, 2011

The stuff nightmares are made of

Not many things bother me... they just don't. But there are a few things that get under my skin for no apparent reason. They might be a little like phobias  - but quite frankly they're not unreasonable, so maybe not phobias just an intense dislike?

The first thing - Ships hulls. Yep, that's right and yet I'm an excellent sailor. I just can't walk near a ship at the dock or the ultimate horror... a ship in dry dock. And wrecks... forget it. I can't go anywhere near a wreck.
Past life maybe, who knows?

And then comes missing body parts. Holy crap. Seriously, scares the bejesus outta me. This may have some basis in life. A three legged dog at petrol station when I was a kid springs to mind... terrified me when I went to pat it and realised it had a leg missing.
Now, keep the missing limb thing in mind...

I'd show you a picture of what I can see in my head... but someone is bound to complain about it being 'violent' or just because people like to complain. So, I'll share a scene with you from exacerbyte... which is where the photos came from anyway. (Don't panic there are no pictures in the book! - The photos were taken for a book trailer that never happened - I gave up asking.)

Exacerbyte by Cat Connor
- excerpt.

I knew I had to acknowledge the scene in front of me, beside me, dripping from the walls around me.

“Doc, we got blood. We got brain matter and assorted tissue stuck on walls.”

“I’m right here,” he said from next to me. A gloved hand pointed to a baseball bat partially concealed by the bedding. “That’s the kind of weapon I’d expect to find.”

“Okay, so someone beat the snot out of him with a baseball bat and then hacked him into pieces with something sharp.”

Lee called from the bathroom. “I gotta head.” A few seconds later he added, “And both feet and his hands.”
“Awesome.” I turned slowly on the spot taking in the entire room.

excerpt cont'd

Sean was standing nearby and had something to say. “While I was making enquiries in the kitchen, the head chef told me two heavy and very expensive meat cleavers went missing last night.”

“Doc? Cleavers?”

He was leaning over a section of leg inspecting the bone. “Could’ve been a cleaver. It wasn’t a saw.”
I swallowed as hard as I could but there was no stopping the gagging. My hand clamped over my mouth as I ran for the hallway. On the way past Sean, he thrust an empty paper evidence bag into my hand.


And that concludes the nightmares for tonight. In a metal case in the wardrobe - part of the whole book trailer kit we've built up - are hands and feet. They're realistic and fucn horrible. I know they're there... and it creeps me out.

I know, it's weird, I can write it... but I can't look at it not even when it's pretend.

One more thing... I don't understand why IE or Blogger or maybe it's a combination screws the font up, every time a freaking coconut! So annoying!!!

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