Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sometimes late at night

Or even so late it's early in the morning - sleep is elusive. Actually some nights sleep is a fickle bitch and just won't play the freaking game.

Once upon a time it used to bother me... I'd be worried about being tired and cranky the next day. Now, screw it. The more you worry about the lack of sleep the less likely it is that you'll get to sleep.

So, instead of laying in bed awake and annoying myself. I get up, come downstairs, fire up the laptop, and wake up the dog. (The latter being a bi-product of my being in his space not because I've intended to wake him up... in all fairness, he's a Greyhound - he can sleep anywhere and through anything.)

Because I couldn't come up with a decent reason as to why I am awake - that doesn't include the FULL MOON - I thought I'd use this time (my eyes are burning, cos I am that tired... yet sleep remains just out of reach) to catch up on reading blogs and so forth.

Then I thought, maybe I could write, words accompanied by the sounds of Romeo dreaming... writing while truly knackered, is never a good idea. Way too much deleting involved for my liking.
Plus, there is a good chance my characters will fall asleep.
Can you imagine? The middle of a fight scene and some kind of Sleeping Beauty thing happens and everyone just falls over in a deep sleep. I wouldn't want to be the one who has the sleeping guy with a knife fall on him. I'm thinking not everyone is going to be waking up.

Of course - I could blog... can't wait to see this one in the morning! lol

Action Man is off running amok with big guns tomorrow. So, it will be a fairly quiet Sunday here. If the weather holds for the morning, I'll take Romeo to the park.

Today was fun. Dogs, kids, big people - good fun.

and now for this... :)


Amber said...

I'm similar but I've learnt to take my notebook to bed. Also for the dreams I'll have that I wake up at 2am and if I don't write it down I'll forget it.

Cat Connor said...

I have a notebook next to the bed and my kindle - the problem was I didn't want to wake Action Man. Turns out he was already awake! LOL

I see you...

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