Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sometimes chapter one isn't

In fact often chapter one isn't... and even though it's a great chapter, it's not THE first chapter. Sometimes it takes me a while to figure that out.

This morning while I was avoiding work like the plague... and lacking in inspiration, it occurred to me (yeah, nah, it wasn't that easy... it took turning off the radio and listening to the first two tracks from the first CD of 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans can't be wrong before it hit me like a sledge hammer.)
By the time I'd heard the first 2 CD's from that album I knew what the first chapter had to be and had written it.

Hello... the freaking book is called Soundbyte, that should've been a big fat clue, right?

So, anyway, now it starts with a rock concert. And I like it much more.  Much more. Its fun, engaging, and sets the tone for the rest of the book.
We have our chapter one.

While I was reading future byte manuscripts this morning (I have two other Byte books sitting here, not counting Flashbyte and Soundbyte.) I discovered something else. One of them will never see daylight, because I hate it with a passion. The other is the final Byte novel, and not ready for daylight for a few years yet.
That's quite possibly one of those things that only I care about.

You might recall zombies being of interest to me lately?
Nah, that's all you get. :)
And let's hope the Twitterverse has a short memory.

(A word of warning, it's very easy to leave out the w in twitterverse.)

Today's favorite song.

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