Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Romeo and Missy

When Missy came to live with us, she was a little bit wild, a lot under nourished and she'd not spent much time inside. She was just over a year old.
Since then she's grown, calmed, become smoochy and cuddly, is an inside cat - as in she only goes out when she wants to and never spends nights outside. She doesn't attack or bite (usually - unless another cat comes along - even through a window, she hates other cats.).
She sleeps on our beds, in our beds, under fleecy blankets... she's trained the kids to feed her crack in the morning (Fancy feast). She's trained us to buy it for her. She rules the house. But she does so with love and kindness.
Her best friend for many years was a rabbit, Milly. They adored each other.
Then one day Milly died (old age - she was 7and a half) and we bought home a new four-legged friend who needed a home.
Missy met Romeo.
She was entirely unimpressed at first glance.
He was (and is) all legs.
She stalked him - but did not touch him.
He was respectful to the point of ignoring her. He wouldn't look her in the eye. He wouldn't walk past her. Romeo would freeze when the cat crept near.

Then one day... she opened the door for him and let him upstairs during a stormy night.

Still he ignored her.

And ignored her.

One day he sniffed her butt while she waltzed by.
And went right on ignoring her.

Yesterday she walked under him, her tail touched his belly and he didn't react. :)

And then last night...
she sat by him while he slept..

And today she watched him eat dinner... to be fair he sometimes doesn't finish his dinner, so she probably thought he needed supervising.

Finally, it looks like Missy has accepted Romeo as hers, it's only taken about two months. Probably because he never does anything to her, doesn't chase her or torment her... and God knows cats HATE to be ignored. Clever Romeo, knows just how to push Missy's buttons!

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