Thursday, August 18, 2011

A question, a jerk, and a weather preference

So, let's get today's burning question out of the way first, shall we?

I asked it on facebook and on Google plus because it really bugs me, but only sometimes, the rest of the time I don't give a rats ass.

At what point in ones life does a person stop wearing jeans, trainers and tee shirts and start wearing tweed skirts, twinsets and court shoes? (or whatever the equivalent is in your world.) When does the sensible short hair cut start to look like a damn fine idea?

Does a person wake up one morning and think, 'okay I'm old  - let's put on the old people clothes and get on with it?' Or is it gradual... first the tee shirts become blouses.
I know people who were born old. Seriously, there are people I went to school with who were old in high school you can imagine how OLD they are now!
Why does that happen? Do they lose the will to live early on? Do they spend too much time with old people and catch age?
This is a serious thing, people.
At what point in a persons life do they discard Bon Jovi or the Rolling Stones at high volume and start listening to Barry Manilow?
Answers would be grand!

Okay moving on ...

In my world I know a lot of authors, it's just how it is. I hang out with them online I know a few in life... if I was a fire fighter I'd know lots of other fire fighters. The thing with authors is, they're genuinely nice people. (A lot of them are pretty damn funny too.) Every now and then I came across one who stands out for all the wrong reasons.
Recently one such writer really pissed me off.
He is the jerk.
The one who thinks/says you do it wrong because you don't do things his way.
The one who implies or straight out says his plots are way more complicated than yours because he can't have all his character back stories and plots in his head or in a notebook.
The one who is obviously going to be an over-night success. (Smile and nod, we all know it takes at least 3 years to be an overnight success, usually a helluva lot longer.)
He's the one who sucks up to as many authors in his genre as possible, the more famous the better.
He's the one who doesn't belong to any writers groups. (Not proper ones anyway)
He's the one who self-published.

I have nothing against people self-publishing at all, I know some extremely talented authors who have done just that, but he isn't one of them.

Right, now that I have that out of my system,

My weather preferences ... considering we had two proper days of snow and now it's raining... pouring... I can honestly say I'll take the snow. The rain is miserable... the snow was fun.

The dog disagrees on both counts, he's hoping for a sunny weekend and a big run!!

And as a side note - I finished the synopsis for Flashbyte and sent it to my editor. YAY.
Also, wrote the synopsis for Soundbyte... so feeling quite virtuous right about now. :)


Lily Mulholland said...

1) about 76 I think
2) they're called 'workplace psychopaths' (google it, trust me!)
3) yay for you. any abominable snowmen featuring?

Blue Line Guy said...

1. When a T shirt no longer covers the beer gut

2. It's either a crew cut or male pattern baldness

3. When Frank Sinatra starts making sense

Cat Connor said...

What if none of those things happen? Hmmm?? Then what? Is it like Lily suggested, 76, regardless?

I see you...

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