Thursday, August 25, 2011

In these arms...

This morning I had a few scenes to write, none that I actually wanted to write but... it's not always about what I want. (How's that for insightful?)

I'm getting closer to the end of SOUNDBYTE, it's not a pleasant end. (I don't think that's news to any of you.)
Right now, the members of Delta A are embroiled in the full on craziness that is spewing forth from a case that was never what it seemed - and then there is the teenager, with her own set of problems. None of which are earth shattering on global standards but since when do teenagers grasp that? She's busy flexing her muscles and driving her mother nuts. Torn, I guess is the best way to describe Ellie's current mental state. My urge to have her slap the kid good and hard upside the head is taking some effort to quell.

So, that was my morning... how was yours? (Yes, that is my interested face... sorry, but that's as good as it gets at the moment!)

Action Man's birthday is tomorrow. He has the day off. (Because Fire Security Services is an awesome place to work.) Today he took cherry cupcakes (among other less exciting treats) into work for his birthday morning tea. I made the cupcakes yesterday.

Tomorrow, I have a ton of things to do - which means writing might won't happen. I actually have a ton of things to do today as well... but would prefer to get this book over with finished. I've gone from knowing how the Unsub did what he did, to having no clue!! Turns out what I thought I knew, I didn't. This is the problem with characters like mine. They like to keep me guessing, and just when I think I've got it sorted - one of them always pulls the freaking rug out from under my feet.
Yes, it does keep the process fresh and exciting... but sometimes I'd like to be in on the secret! I don't see why I'm always the last to know... are these not my fingers on the keyboard???

Meanwhile ... playing a lot of Bon Jovi today. (Tell you something new?? Ummm... it's not the album you think, how's that? Whatever you thought, it ain't that one.)

Don't be expecting FLASHBYTE until early next year. I would love it to be out late this year, but I don't see that happening, as my publisher has three other books ahead of mine... and EXACERBYTE was released in Feb this year. :)

Between now and the 10th of whatever I have a lot to do.

It would be better for me if all the edits were complete on FLASHBYTE in the next month or so (waiting to get the next round back from my editor at the moment). I want to get the 5th Byte novel finished A-SAP and gone from my desk. Then I can shift focus for a decent period of time to this kiwi novel. I was trying to write that along side the Byte novels, but it's too hard jumping from Kiwi to American. I need to have no Ellie in my head for it to work properly.

Trying to imagine life without Ellie in my head.
I imagine it to be quite lonely. :)
No doubt once I get to know the new characters and get used to their quirks, it won't be lonely at all.

Okay, well, that's it for me... I may not blog until Sunday or maybe Monday now - due to HUGE time constraints.
But you've heard quite a lot from me over the last week or so... so, I'm sure you won't mind.


If you can stay calm while all around you is chaos, then you probably haven't completely understood the situation.  (Or, you're SSA Ellie Conway: killerbyte, terrorbyte, exacerbyte, Torrent.)

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