Sunday, August 28, 2011

I have a few minutes...

I do, while I'm drinking my coffee... so I thought, why not blog? Couldn't come up with a decent reason not to, so, ta da!

The weekend started on Friday morning with Action Man's birthday - he had the day off, because his work is awesome. So, long weekend! It's been mostly organised chaos since. PS, he loves his Kindle. It's such a man toy - really - what a great way to get men to read more. Here's a gadget you can fiddle with and it will even read to you! lol

This morning, instead of blogging I should be printing the synopsis and tag lines for Flashbyte. This afternoon I have a meeting with Oosh Multimedia and we're talking book trailer. Oh yes we are! Exciting stuff.
They're the team who did this... Upper Hutt State of Mind. I love it!! (Do you see now why walking through the hood in DC wasn't an issue for us? I'm not even only joking a little bit.)

At this point I would like to mention that I have nailed the rich fruit cake making thing. Oh, yeah. Action Man's birthday cake is delicious. Admin Yummy formerly Admin Bubbles (note the name change - I can't explain it, just go with it.) has used the M word to describe the cake. But as it's a banned word in our house I'm not about to put it here. Let's leave that to Admin Yummy, shall we?

So, gotta say, pretty good weekend so far.

I even managed to ditch the first draft copy of Flashbyte that was on my Kindle and replace it with the latest edited version (still waiting on next round of edits.) so I can read without tweaking anything, and make notes as to what I feel like changing/moving/fiddling with. The danger of me reading in Word is self-explanatory really, but, in case you don't know... I'm a compulsive word tweaker, there is not way I can read a Word doc of my work and NOT move something, change something, add something... which is fine, except I'm waiting for edits from my trusty editor, and it will make things tricky if I've made too many changes prior.

Would like to squeeze in some writing time today - but I can't see it happening. Oh well, tomorrow it Monday - my favorite day of the week. I shall work my fingers to nubs then. :D

Now, this is cute, so am including it.
This is Breezy first thing this morning, still sporting face-paint... with Romeo. Turns out that Romeo is man enough to handle the pink.

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