Sunday, August 21, 2011

Extra special booze-ridden cake

Happy Sunday...

Seemed like a good day to bake Action Man's birthday cake. The process began last night with the soaking of all the fruit in a decent amount of brandy and orange juice.
At lunchtime today I combined all the ingredients almost needed a bucket to mix it in! And now the cake is cooked and cooled enough to start pouring brandy over the top.
By Wednesday it should be ready for the almond icing.
Tonight I need to create a collage to have printed onto icing for the top.
Should be fun. Lucky for him I don't have any pictures from his childhood... I've seen the pictures. Let's just say he's aged fabulously.
Need to have this cake ready for the cutting and devouring on Friday night.

Apart from the cake, I made homemade pizza dough. (figured I'd use the warmth coming off the oven to rise pizza dough... ) The pizza is now cooked and sitting on the stove top waiting for Action Man and a big knife.
I know the girls won't like it, so I shall make them grilled cheese sandwiches in a minute. (They might have liked the pizza but I stuffed the crust with cream cheese and covered the pizza in onion, mushrooms, tomato, bacon, pepperoni, and Italian sausage... and yes, I do know the difference in my sausages. - Just before an Admin chokes to death trying to ask!)

Managed to also write a few thousand words in Soundbyte and watch two more episodes of Human Target, today.

Busy but fun.

Now, I shall go make grilled cheese... and call for a very tall man with a knife.


Blue Line Guy said...

What ARE the different sausages?

Cat Connor said...

You should wear a bell... It's way too early to be wiping coffee off my screen. :)

I see you...

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