Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Everybody knows...

You can lead a horse to water...

That is how it is in this industry too or at least how it seems most days. :)

You can lead a person to a book...

I had a phone call from Action Man this morning - yes, unusual. Didn't used to be, used to be that he was so freaking bored at his former job that he called three times a day to tell me nothing.

This was doubly unusual... he called AND had something to share!

He's in this really good space at the moment, work is awesome. He loves his job. He likes the people he works with. So, the phone call? To tell me that someone at work asked how to spell my name and what I write. THEN, actually looked me up, read the first chapter of killerbyte and can't wait to read more. But wait, there is more... she shared the info with another friend who reads. The friend said she'd like to read killerbyte after her and was told, "Buy your own copy."
Yeah, I know! Finally someone who gets it!!

That's the thing with being a writer. I don't get paid unless people buy books. :)

And that reminds me, I need to go through photos for the upcoming Flashbyte trailer. Pretty sure The Boy Wonder set up a meeting with a production company for this coming Sunday. (the team who did the this UH video.) Holy crapdoodle... gonna need to print some copies of the synopsis and get those tag lines sorted too!! And no cover yet, so that will make it tricky - no focal point for the trailer! Perhaps a quick email to beloved editor - she may have some sort of time frame in mind by now!!

That's okay, I only wanted to finish writing Soundbyte this week, before the family descends on Thursday sometime for Action Man's birthday on Friday. I have made the cake, do need to ice it though and get a picture up to Cartridge World for them to print onto icing for me. Think we have decided on dinner for Friday night... going to need to shop! Oh, and, ya know, CLEAN the freaking house.
Meanwhile, I believe the kids might require some input from me and everyone still needs to be fed between now and Friday. (Sometimes it would be damn handy to be able to pop everyone into some kind of stasis... just while I get things sorted.)

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