Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Am I free?

Every time I get a text that asks "Are you free tomorrow?" I feel this compulsion to reply, "Hell no."

But I suck it up and answer sensibly. (Doesn't sound like me.. but there you have it. What can I say? I like to keep people on their toes.)

So, today... second ever snow day in UH.

The snow is now melted, so I'm guessing school will be open tomorrow. - Mixed feelings over that. 'Was kinda nice not having to rush off in the morning.' versus 'Dear God get these kids out of my house!'

But, being me, I decided that kids or no kids I will get this fuc'n synopsis finished and finally send the short story to my editor.

Then, I had added incentive... the DVD's I ordered arrived via courier this morning. I watched the pilot and the first episode of Human Target (season one) then finished the dreaded synopsis. :-)
Really, it was only so I could watched another two episodes guilt free.... lol

It's sad how much I enjoy that show really, and frustrating because Fox canned it after season two.
How could anyone not enjoy this?

That was pretty much my day... well, that and a coffee break with Mac (aka trusty neighbor Kane) which started with a text asking what I was doing and then saying, 'didn't you hear me knocking?'
I replied with, 'Is the door locked?'
No, it wasn't.
Someone didn't think to turn the handle.
Got that sorted. lol

And a reminder about the Not-the-Booker prize. Still a few more days to vote. (If, of course, you think EXACERBYTE is worthy.)
Here's the link: Not-the-Booker 

In other news - I can't think of anything. Doesn't mean there isn't any, just means I broke my brain!
Synopsis writing is dangerous to ones mental health.

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