Saturday, July 9, 2011

Thunder, lightning, Hail!

Thunder, lightning, HAIL!

It started out gray today. Gray and cold.

We took Romeo down to Silverstream for a walk – no we didn’t walk him all the way to Silverstream… part of his weekend walk is also the car ride, which he loves.

He met a dog we met last week, not a Grey, a friendly old mixed-breed critter. (Yeah, I know me trying to be PC it’s a waste of time, he was a Mutt, but a friendly one.)

A crazy (no really, freaking insanely crazy) border collie came to say hello… well, it came over at full run, did some weird dog dance, which involved turning in circles while wiggling – and ran away. Leaving Romeo horrified. No, really, that was the expression on his face. Had he been able to talk I suspect he would have said, “WTF is that? And keep it the hell away from me!”

We walked on.

On the way back, Romeo saw the insane dog playing with an equally insane dog. Insanity knows no bounds, the crazed animal raced over ran around us in a big circle and raced back to his/her dad. Romeo wasn’t too disgusted that time, mainly because he was walking between Action man and I with the girls in front of us. He was firmly surrounded by his pack and that insanity couldn’t reach him.

Next it was take Romeo home, then head off to do battle at the Stupidmarket. Never good on a Saturday, especially not good after 9AM on a Saturday. The crypt doors are open by then and the relics have hobbled out to get in everyone’s way in the stupidmarket.

Then it was home… for a little bit. We had a few errands to run. On the way back the lightning and thunder started. Then came the hail. The road cleared in front of us as car’s pulled over, unable to drive in the ice. Yay for 4-wheel drive. Ice floated in the flooded gutters. It was an impressive storm.

We got home to this:

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