Thursday, July 21, 2011

Team work

Last night, I was almost asleep and I heard Romeo shake his head. Now that shouldn't be possible. He sleeps downstairs in a very comfy bed in the living room. We sleep upstairs.

But I heard his bling rattle. (He wears a few tags on his red and gold collar... his name tag, his registration and his  microchip tag - needless to say when he shakes he makes noise.)

I got up and opened the bedroom door. Romeo was in the girls room. The door was wide open. Suspicious. He won't open doors. Missy (the way-too-clever-cat shot past me into my room... hmmm, she can open doors.)
Romeo was delighted to see me, he walked by me, tail wagging and lay down on his 'upstairs' bed.

I don't think so.

I shooed the cat out.

Called the dog. He reluctantly stood up, made out like he'd been there all evening - stretched twice - then ambled over to me. I took him back to his proper bed, downstairs.

The kitchen door was wide open.
The cat was sitting on the dryer in the laundry smirking at me.
Two WIDE open doors.

I tucked Romeo into his bed, said goodnight and shut the door behind me. I checked it was firmly shut. Because he won't even try to open a door or go through a door unless it is WIDE open. We usually leave the kitchen door not quite latched.
I gathered up the cat and stuffed her in bed with Breezy.

There is no way in hell the dog opened those doors by himself. Missy usually opens the door wide enough for her to fit through.

This is not the first time I have suspected team work with my animals. When I thought about it, I remembered the cat was in the living room with Romeo when I went to bed. I had also heard some playful noises after I'd gone upstairs. Earlier in the evening Romeo had sniffed the cat. Usually he won't even make eye contact, never mind getting close enough for a sniff. Missy often goes up to him, because she knows he'll do everything in his power NOT to look at her. Yesterday, however, they were outside together for a little while.

This is not good.

Two smart animals working together. The cat knowing she has to open the door all the way to let the dog through.... this smells of trouble.

On that note, I nest get ready. Romeo is going for a LONG walk today. I suspect the homeward leg will be SLOW.

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