Saturday, July 23, 2011


Good morning, we survived another week! Hooray it's Saturday.
This week has been another week of illness. Pretty much sucks to be Breezy at the moment. First week of school holidays and she has been ill all week, and as of last night still wasn't showing any signs of improving.

Today is the Boy Wonder's birthday. He's already had his birthday present, so will only be getting a little something today. It's a fun little something that I picked up from Radio Shack in Fair Oaks mall.

We're also having a birthday dinner tonight, for the Boy Wonder and Kane (aka Mac).

I haven't so much enjoyed this week. But I have been getting some work done. Not as much as I'd like. I'm doing something a little odd at the moment. Working on two things at once. I never do that. Unless it's two Byte books - because there is some flow there. But this time I am working on the edits for Flashbyte (yeah, a byte book) and writing Wherefore Art Thou - not a byte book at all - not even in the same version of English!
It was always something I wouldn't do, for fear of screwing it up - two different works at once?? Insanity! But it's working. If I were writing both, I think there would be issues. But was one is edits only - it seems to be okay and even fun.
I do a bit of Flashbyte then write some of the other book.

Wherefore Art Thou is all new characters, some of them are easy to write, it's almost like they're old friends. :) Suspect they might drink Dolcetto and one of them probably makes a damn fine port. Think I've figured out how to translate Nooooo to the story. It'd have to be within conversation.
Something like, "Stalkers in blue cars?... Nooooo."

You can imagine how much fun it is, right?

I can imagine a couple of Admins having another drink having read this. :)

So anyway - tonight is a birthday dinner. Today - I need to do something about Romeo's harness, it was rubbing the other day, but I think I know how to fix it. I shall cover the straps in a softer fabric. (Like those seat belt covers you can get.), I need to go to New World because for some reason they have better chicken than the other stupidmarket. Walk the dog, it's raining but he doesn't care. (Okay he cares a little bit, but once he realises it's the weekend and he gets to go in the car, he'll be okay with the rain.)

A question... it may seem a little nuts. How many of you have seen the commercial for Maxalt melt? (Migraine medication?) Looks easy right, the woman quickly opens the packet and pops the thing on her tongue?? Talk about FALSE advertising.
 At no point do they say "You will need scissors". Seriously. Maxalt is in a blue plastic container (which isn't too hard to open, but it does take a  bit of force.) then a foil packet and then as if that wasn't enough a fuc'n bubble pack inside the goddamn foil packet. WTF? And can you press the freaking wafer through the foil on the bubble??? NO. Not without the whole thing crumbling. And the foil doesn't peel off. I needed scissors. so now I have smalls scissors inside the blue container.
I think the packaging fairy went a little nuts on the Maxalt. While I'm at it.... that's not a wafer. It's a big fat round pill that crumbles. The peppermint flavor does not mask the disgusting taste of the 'wafer'.
The package should come with a warning "do not try to open this during a migraine."

Here's a pic of sicko and Romeo.

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