Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday – now this is more like it!

This is the most normal Monday I’ve had in weeks. Everyone is at school or work. It’s just me, Romeo and Missy (aka Fat-fat.)

This morning we baked. Cherry cupcakes, coffee cupcakes and banana cake. Yesterday I baked too, but it was quite the fail. I made banana muffins and forgot the sugar. I made Apple cinnamon muffins – and remembered the sugar but added too much topping.

Yep, fail. Today, however, it’s deliciousness all around.

All that’s left is to ice Breezy’s banana cake. Yeah, it’s mostly for her, and the Boy Wonder. They’re the banana cake eaters. Coffee cupcakes for Squealer. And Cherry for Action Man.

Have had an issue with my voice today. It keeps disappearing. Makes it a bit hard to call the dog. Luckily he’s figured it out and has tuned into my odd whisper. He even heard me say his name when he was upstairs – just proves he can hear when he wants too. He doesn’t listen very well when he’s off running around. In fact, he doesn’t listen at all. Which is what I expected being a sight hound an’ all. We’re working on that at the moment, with dog chocolate as extra incentive!

It’s not that he runs off, it’s that he doesn’t come back when called if he’s off on a wander at the park, and that could be dangerous.

Well, now that the internet is back I can work on ‘Wherefore Art Thou’ again. Am loving the break from Ellie’s world. Think I needed it. And it is rather fun writing this new book. It’s sitting at a very healthy 30K. Whereas Soundbyte is still languishing at 35K – after months… and I have no desire to finish it at the moment. Not to worry – Flashbyte is the next release in the _Byte series, so you folk you love Ellie aren’t missing out because I don’t feel the urge to finish Soundbyte just yet!

The weather today has been most interesting, well I expect it thinks it’s being interesting. Thunder, rain and wind gusts. It’s suddenly got quite dark… and here comes more rain. Nice. No doubt it will be full on stormy by the time I have to go collect Breezy from school. (Or should I say, will still be full on stormy!!)

Oh, man, I hope this stops, soon cos I don’t wanna go out in it!

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