Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday – bit of a waste really.

Today started with promise – Breezy was well enough to go to school. Which meant Romeo got his walk, he was a happy yet tired dog when we got home. I needed to post a letter so we walked the long way home. Someone was walking behind me on the last stretch!! Poor Romeo, he much prefers running on grass and cantering along grassy verges with Action Man to walking on nasty old concrete footpaths.

Breezy lasted a good 3 hours before school rang; she had a headache and was vomiting!! Dear God, now what? She looked like death warmed over when I picked her up. Spent a few hours lying on the couch. Then perked up.

Which is about when the trouble started.
A perky sick child is trouble.
She annoyed the dog. She annoyed her sister. She’s annoyed the living shit out of me. They annoyed each other, and argued over the DUMBEST things, as children do. And on and on and on.

Time I had another holiday. Another LONG holiday.

Other things happened today but they weren’t of much note really…

I joined a site (can’t actually remember the name of it) – some sort of social networking site for artists. Took me forever to figure the basics out – like viewing my own profile … still have no idea what to do with it. Like most of those types of places – looks like just another time sink, and I really can’t afford to waste any more time. I’ve become a world class procrastinator of late – mostly because every time I try and work someone asks for something. All day long at the moment it’s, “Mum, mum, mum, MUM.”


Which brings me to this – social networking is not working for me. Twitter - I like, but the rest of it seems like a HUGE waste of my time. I can’t see the benefit – at all.

A couple of years ago I was encouraged to join FaceBook and then to create a fan page – WHY? (I’m still trying to figure that out!!)

I was no stranger to social networking… I used to love Myspace, although it was fucky at times and that was frustrating -but as a social networking site it worked, it was fun.

So anyway, I did what was required of me. I went to Facebook (I still have Myspace, it’s so different now it was unrecognizable when I went back to do stuff there! And I don’t feel so at home there anymore.)

I’m not exactly sure what does work, but social media doesn’t seem to be doing anything increase readership etc, I mean let’s face it, I’m not writing for the good of my health – okay sometimes I am, ya know –when I kill people on paper to avoid jail time in reality… but apart from that, I’m writing to entertain people which pretty much means I want readers! But how to get them is the question… and it’s a fucn good question.

 I now know that having a story about me and my work in 80 plus newspapers across the USA does bugger all for increasing readership – you’d think that’d do something, right? Yeah, me too… but it hasn’t.

Quite bizarre. About the only thing that did was get a few more hits on my website than usual. We’re talking a very small increase. Gotta say, that was disappointing.

The biggest geeky fan thrill I got from the article being syndicated was that it was in the Mt Shasta News… and Flappy Man used to live in Mt Shasta (Come on, surely you know I’ve called Steven Seagal Flappy man for umpteen years!) which is totally cool, cos well, it’s Seagal and he kicks serious ass.

On that note, I’m off to watch Criminal Minds.

Take care out there… and if anyone has any ideas where to snag more readers… don’t keep it to yourself!

 This is one of the photo's Squealer took today -finally a pic of me and my big boy, Romeo.

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