Friday, July 29, 2011

The last week of the holidays!!

Kia Ora!

It's Friday night. So that means the freaking winter holidays are OVER. Oh yes!! (Can I get a yee hah??)

It was not the best possible week but it's over. Breezy is still sick and on another course of antibiotics -different ones. Hopefully this time...

Today was hugely productive - it's amazing what I can accomplish with earbuds and awesome music. (Thanks Lorenza - for saving my sanity and for helping the writing of 'Wherefore Art Thou' go so swimmingly today. Mystic Fiddler is groovacious.)
Once I got some actual writing out of my system I jumped into Flashbyte... this morning I had half the manuscript to go. Reading through Jayne's edits and making changes - by five o'clock this evening I was done.
I'll send it back to Jayne on Sunday for round two. Until then I want a day to let it sit and to read and tweak anything I come across. I LOVE this part. It's so much easier tweaking a manuscript than writing it to start with!

So, writing "Wherefore Art Thou" - finishing touches to Flashbyte and maybe over half-way through the writing of Soundbyte. It's never dull here work wise.

I'm also reading a lot at the moment and have reached for the tarot cards for the first time in a long time. I tend to leave them until they call me, it works better that way. Now they're talking, so I'm ready to listen.

Also, I joined Google+ - because what I need in my life is another social network! I think I like it more than Facepalm. But as I need to be everywhere I can't see me leaving Facepalm entirely... but one never knows what's instore!
Actually I joined Google+ because one of the coolest and nicest guys on the planet sent me an invite, and I thought I'd check it out. At first it was scary... now it's not so much. :)

Sunday is Romeo and Cleo day - we're taking Romeo down to play with Cleo, that will be awesome. They will run and do Greyhound stuff. Let's face it, there is no other animal here that can keep up with a Greyhound. (There are no cheetahs in NZ so I'm fairly safe in saying that.)
I MUST remember the camera this time and actually use it!!!

Trying to think if there was anything else of note this week.

I broke a nail half way down the nail bed and it hurts a bit when I type... been typing all day. Kinda annoying. :)

Time for a glass or two of wine. I've earned it this week!! 

How was your week???

I shall leave you with this because I miss it:

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