Friday, July 15, 2011

Inspiration comes from everywhere!

It's Friday. We've had a VERY wet and wild week, weather wise. This morning we had a frost. No rain. Just frost. Instead of his waterproof coat Romeo wore his camo jammies for our walk to school.

True to form he made another friend. The school caretaker met Romeo this morning. Drawn by the camo coat, I've no doubt! :)

And that is not what I was writing this blog about.
Back on track now people.

On our morning walk, Romeo again wanted to investigate St.John's hall. I can understand the lure of the field next to the hall. He's a Greyhound, he sees open space and wants to run like a maniac. But today, he pushed me toward the hall. He's done it before. Usually I tell him 'no' and we play on the field for a bit. We played, he kept looking over. I distracted him and when I was ready I took him to the hall. I guess I want to know what the lure is too.
Whatever he sees and can smell over there, I cannot. I don't know what it is that interests him so much. He spent a good deal of time inspecting the exterior of the building before wanting to go inside.
Well, it was closed.
No one was there. He had to satisfy himself by standing on the ramp outside and staring into the dark interior.
(I love how he admires himself in shiny surfaces... ear up, cocky expression on his face... as he wonders who the gorgeous hound is he can see.)
But today he was looking past his own reflection.

Now this gave me an idea.

I'm currently knee deep in edits for Flashbyte - which I know I have to do with less haste than usual, and that is problematic. When I get stuck into something, it's finished in short order. So... in the interest of taking my time... I'm currently also writing a kiwi mystery novel. (Which you probably know if you read this blog regularly.)

In this novel, my main character is a Private Investigator who has a Greyhound.
He's a smart dog, (as Greys are), and when his owner is looking for someone, he likes to help out. And that got me thinking as I watched Romeo show abnormal interest in St John's hall this morning. Could the person the main character is looking for be hiding in the church or church hall? Which got me thinking about sanctuary.
Okay, we don't live in Seventeen Century England. Still, it's a brewing idea... knowing who the missing person is, he could very well ask for and maybe even receive sanctuary from the church. He hasn't broken the law, but he does need a safe place away from prying eyes.
All that from watching Romeo inspect the building.

And last night, I had a whole scene arrive - nothing to do with Romeo - I was watching Police Ten-7. I figure my main character will recognise someone on the show. That would be a bit of fun. Especially if it's the troll who is stalking her. :) 

Nothing like the arrival of edits to spark the creative juices. About time too, I've been stuffing about writing sweet F-A recently.

Can someone please remind me to take my camera and spare batteries tomorrow? And maybe the girls should take their digital camcorder to the GAP run.

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