Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday in our house

For the last two and a half weeks there has been one or other (or both) kids home sick. Breezy with pneumonia and Squealer with the flu!

This pretty much sucks a big kumara work wise. Very hard to concentrate on writing when there are kids in the house.

Worse still... it's only a week until the school holidays!!!
Have I not been punished enough? :)
Apparently not. Am suspecting I was very very bad in a former life.

Very Very bad.

Meanwhile, I have started a new WIP. A mystery set in good ol' Upper Hutt - you can stop laughing any time. (Can't say the idea didn't amuse me, can't say it still doesn't... yeah, Upper Hutt... what could possibly happen, right? - you'll be surprised!)

I needed to take a break from the Byte series for a moment, to get a different perspective on my work. Sometimes it's easy to get lost inside the words and forget that this is supposed to be fun. Plus... I REALLY hate where Ellie has taken book 5. REALLY hate it. So it's break time, fun time, the perfect opportunity ti write a kiwi mystery... and also rip the guts out of one I wrote  along time ago.
Big fun in little Upper Hutt.
The new book is called, "Wherefore Art Thou."  :)

And for more fun, Romeo is in the new book.
That's right.
He is.
In all his sight hounded glory.

Typicall the IE spell checked has no clue what a kumara is.
Oh, it's Maori language week.

so to that end:

Kua haere au. (okay I'm off.)

Ka kite anō. (See you again)

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Fatima said...

Wow Romeo looks so happy AND now he will also be famous :)
Fatima, greyhounds Blog Admin

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