Monday, August 1, 2011

Excuse me while I bask in the sound of silence....

Okay it's not silent now - I have music playing. But the nice thing is, I don't need to use headphones or earbuds because there is NO ONE to drown out. It's Monday, and school is back. Hooray!!

I'll do a wee re-cap of our weekend and then I'm going to read Flashbyte and send it back to my glorious editor over at Rebel. Woot!!

We've had a few odd things happen of late... First Squealers timer has disappeared. No one can find it. And I discounted it as carelessness on behalf of the child, but, now, I'm not so sure because a few days later, I discovered my American charm bracelet was missing - I knew exactly where it was but when I went to get it and wear it - it had disappeared - from the top of my jewelry box and reappeared right under our bed, still in the jewel box it came in. (Which is not small nor is it light.) To reach it Action Man had to lift the bed - there is no way the cat knocked it to where it was found or one of the kids.
Then - my kindle disappeared in the middle of the night. That's right, the middle of the night. It was on my nightstand. I got up to make a hot chocolate at 1AM and went back to bed to read (couldn't sleep cos the clowns would eat me) but my kindle was gone. So back downstairs I went. Not there. I checked Squealers room. Not there. Action Man turned back the covers on the bed and there it was. WTF?
Then - Action Man took his usual glasses off and put them in the case - he put on his reading glasses and went downstairs to sew (something going on with his tactical belt, I don't know what, but he fixed it) - he put everything away. Went to change his glasses and they were gone. Everything else was ready, lined up on the end of the bed, (wallet, keys, phone etc - we were about to go out) glasses gone. I went to look. And they were almost exactly where my Kindle was found two nights before.
THEN: we get in the truck. Kids, us, dog. Action Man turns the car on - and our heads almost explode!!! The stereo was turned all the way up.
Knowing how annoying it is to turn the stereo up or down - makes this very very odd. It's not just one turn, it's about 5 turns of the knob to change the volume SLIGHTLY. So it's not something that can happen by accident.
The song that was playing was Matchbox Twenty's 'Unwell' - so I couldn't immediately blame either of our usual incorporeal visitors. Not a usual song. But, the song used to play to callers ringing my cell phone instead of the boring ring tone you usually hear.
Next.... the GPS went haywire.

Yeah, it's been fun.

And all that coincides while I'm writing this NZ novel. And having a lot of fun doing so. hmmm

I'm not even going to mention the oddities with my laptop...

Took Romeo out yesterday to play with his girlfriend Cleo. That was fun. I think we all enjoyed ourselves. The kids certainly had more fun being able to run around with the dogs in a relaxed atmosphere. We had fun. The dogs seemed to enjoy themselves. Romeo is slow to warm up but he did warm up and then he and Cleo ran and sniffed and hung out... he was muddy and tired when we got home. He much prefers to play one on one, and not with a crowd of hounds. He likes to be able to come up for a hug and not be separated from us by fences etc - it's a security thing. So running around freely with Cleo and being able to come back whenever he felt like it, was great for him.
Next time I think he'll be faster to get into it.
The dogs didn't really start to run until Joe fell off his scooter and Dave ran to make sure he was okay - with hounds running along with him. Then dogs both took off, making the most of the grass and large area. I think they waited to find out if Joe was okay first. :)

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