Friday, July 22, 2011

Bit of a rant!

You've been warned... read on at your peril.

A few things are pissing me off at the moment. Let's tackle them one at a time.

This whole News of the World scandal... it's way more than a scandal. They broke the law, they violated people's rights, and that makes those journalists no better than the paparazzi who chased Diana to her death. What's more it taints journalists who do report the news. In my opinion...It taints everyone involved in any of Murdoch's media enterprises.

So many journalists work very hard at reporting, investigating, and getting us a balanced view point without breaking the law and violating people.
Where does that sort of shit end? Really? Where is the line in the sand that says hacking phones is okay but wire tapping isn't? They're both illegal. I can't see how anyone who thinks it was/is okay to hack phones would draw the line at actual wire taps or roving bugs.
Yeah, it's pissed me off. It sucks.
It's way up there with shitty gossip magazines and the lies they tell.

Funnily enough I had a discussion with my doctor yesterday about both the phone hacking and gossip magazines. Which leads me to another pet hate and rant!!
 She, like me, has not bought or read a Woman's magazine in YEARS. I see them in at the check out and they make me feel sick. There is nothing they won't print to sell magazines. It's disgusting the way take a photo of someone going about every day type business and turn it into something sordid or dramatic.
Really, you morons with your super duper cameras cannot possibly know what the person who photographed was doing, thinking, whatever... so you lie. Which makes you scum. But you lie to sell magazines full of lies... and 'justify' it by declaring that anyone in the public arena is fair game??? That is even more diabolical. There is no regard for privacy or the families of these people... they even pick on the children. For fucks sake!
I've always thought that if people stopped by the trash then the market would dry up... but sadly there are too many people who believe everything they read in shiny magazines.

And for the last thing...

The mossad thing that came out of the Feb earthquake... get over yourselves... we as a country have every right to investigate suspicious behavior by foreigners. Let me point out the little fact that in 2004 Israeli's were caught trying to procure NZ passports. That's not playing as a good friend, is it?
Suck it up Israel, if you behave badly and get caught, do not be surprised when your weird behavior after the earthquake draws interest.
I'm more likely to believe our Police and SIS than a foreign govt agency who has already been caught with its hand in the cookie jar.
And it's got nothing to do with racism or anything else... you're not being persecuted for being Israeli - you are being investigated for behaving badly. You could be purple with pink stripes and from space for all we care... it's not who you are, it's what you were doing.

On that note I shall go give Breezy her medicine and make another coffee.

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