Monday, July 25, 2011

A bit of childhood reminiscing with Admin One

Yesterday Admin One got Breezy to write a list of things she wanted to do this week. There are all sorts of things on the list but one we did today was make a tent.

Both Admin One and I used to make tents out of a blanket and either the dining room table or dining chairs... bet you did too!

This is Breezy's tent, she shared it with Romeo. He lay on the outside, as close as he could to her and when she realised where he was told him it was okay to come in.  :)

To start with he was in but his head was out...

When Romeo realized Breezy was drawing him, he started to take notice! lol  

As for the rest of the day... I think I got about half an hour of work done!! Are the holidays over yet??? :D

Oh yeah and it snowed. Just a little bit. :)

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