Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Between Breezy and Romeo - I'm working here!

While I try and think of a blog title I shall write the blog!
It's Tuesday.
The day holds bugger all promise. It could have, but it doesn't. Breezy woke us at some ungodly hour - her temp hit 40 and my thermometer refused to give me an exact reading after the 6 seconds it took to reach 40. She's had Pamol and Nurofen, a cool cloth, and ice to chew.
Now I'm waiting for the doctor's surgery to open.
Tiresome is an accurate description.
Poor Breezy is miserable.

As for the weekend...
Saturday morning we went to the Crash Rescue Champs - it was very very interesting. But apparently I was the only one who thought so, so I didn't get to go back on Sunday for the finals. Which was as shame because it was fascinating. Both the Admins were on duty at the Rescue champs over the weekend. We were lucky enough to have Admin One to explain what was going on and so forth.

Saturday afternoon we took kids and Romeo over to Mana for a GAP run.
It was interesting to see Romeo with other hounds. I hadn't realised how big he is. Obviously we knew he was a big dog, he takes up a lot of room! But in comparasion to other Greyhounds - I had no clue how big he was. Well, he's big. He was one of the biggest on the field.
I know Romeo doesn't like to hear barking - but I didn't realise how much he hates that sort of noise. He was happy to run with the other hounds right up until a few of them got really excited and barky... then our big boy started looking for a way out of the pack. He ended up running by himself. He waited until the group were busy then took off, and was on his way back before they all realised.
But, despite him wanting to hang around humans more than play with his own kind, he had fun. And we had fun meeting all the other dogs and a bunch of hound owners.
The thing with Greyhounds is they are VERY friendly. They have no qualms about coming over to say hello, leaning on you, shoving a nose at you, waiting to be patted. I knew our boy was super friendly but it was awesome to be around so many friendly hounds.

We finally met Cleo and her family! Romeo was quite taken by the young and beautiful Cleo. We'll get the dogs together for a playdate, which I think Romeo will enjoy more than the all out craziness of 25 hounds running. So nice to meet other folk with a hound and young kids!!

Way down by the fence is a white and black blur - that's our boy. And somewhere is a blonde blur, which is Cleo. This pic was taken before all the dogs were let loose.

Sadly lacking in pictures of the hounds. Although it is pretty hard to photograph them in mid flight!!

Right, that's it from me.

One last thing.

I got a mention on Good Morning yesterday. The discussion topic was "How the internet changed your life." Yeah, a little bit... lol. Being a kiwi thriller writer with a South African Publisher - writing books set in Virginia and DC.  :)

Back to work for me... I am trying - really trying - not to work through the edits too quickly. But I'm failing. I'm over half way, and now I've started re-writing stuff because I want too and not because Jayne marked it.
Must slow down... am guessing there will be a HUGE chunk out of my day once we get a doc appt, so that should help slow things down.

Take care. xx

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