Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Will there be any time to write this week?

Sometimes writing goes out the window – it’s not usually one reason, because mostly just one event doesn’t impact that greatly on writing time.

This week didn’t start out great – Breezy has been sick since last Thursday with what was thought to be a virus, but she got progressively worse yesterday and this morning. Doc says she has pneumonia.  She’s miserable most of the time, except for about two hours of the day, between about 2 and 4PM. (Which it is now… and she’s reading the Bon Jovi book to Romeo. Yeah, that’s right. The child is sitting on the floor with the dog and my Kindle, reading the Bon Jovi book to the dog.)

Apart from a sick Breezy, not much else is going on. Sick kids are those very time consuming of events that impact HUGELY on writing time.

So, after going to the Doc today – I haven’t actually done a lot. The last little while has been spent watching Breezy and Romeo. She gave him HER pillow – no one touches THE PILLOW. Romeo is laying down with his head on her pillow – they’re sharing a blanket. He’s enjoying it, she’s enjoying it. Breezy and Romeo - definitely a match made in heaven. He is perfect for Breezy and has the biggest heart and endless patience. (Maybe that’s why Romeo was referred to as a Jesus dog by the women at the GAP kennels??)

Romeo is succeeding where I couldn’t the last few days… he’s got her smiling and even giggling. (Between bouts of coughing)

While she’s playing and the dog is sleeping I might get a chance to do some writing.

That’d be nice.

On Sunday I discovered by Googling “Cat Connor readers’ writers” (after David Kentner said I should Google it.) that the interview David did with me is EVERYWHERE. Seriously, there are 9 pages of places that are carrying that interview across the USA.

I was stunned.

This is something that only kiwis will probably get but I keep hearing, “I’ve been everywhere, man. I’ve been Explore Air man.” Yep, I have Selwyn Toogood stuck in my head!!! Just freaking Brilliant.

Well, that’s all from me for now.

Strawberry Shortcake is on TV, Romeo is fast asleep under a Dora blanket with his head on Breezy’s pillow… and Squealer is going to Kate’s. I see an hour of writing time ahead and I’m off to utilize it!


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