Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The week so far...

I know it’s only Tuesday but let’s re-cap this week already shall we?

Well it was all going swimmingly yesterday morning. I spent the morning doing an interview which will be out on Friday.

Knowing that and how interviews seem to irk the fault line the next event really should not have been a surprise!

Christchurch’s faults must’ve felt like they needed to shake us all up again. (Was the attention moving elsewhere? Really, come on, did you not read my blog on friendship? It’s not all about you and you don’t need to create drama to be liked.) Geonet revised the quakes to 5.7 and 6.3 respectively. Let’s hope getting the size of the quakes upped like that will make the fault line happy.

I’m also in the Author Spotlight over at backspace this week. I know, cool huh? A whole week of me! I was a little apprehensive - truth be known… but turns out people did have some questions for me, so Yay!

No one on Twitter guessed who it was I had a crush on when I was 14. I have to say though some of the guesses were pretty freaking funny. I did provide clues. But apparently I was too clever? (Let’s chalk that one up, shall we?)

Currently – I’m working on Soundbyte, baking cupcakes and hoping Christchurch’s fault lines have gotten over themselves.

Right now I’m off to school to get the Breezy one.

Be good, take care… and if you belong to Backspace, drop by and harass me on my Author Spotlight thread!

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