Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday, already?

Wednesday, really?

Busy day.

Would be highly unusual for me to say it wasn’t a busy day.

This morning I woke to another interview request and true to form (I love how predictable the universe is these days) there was another sizable earthquake.


Oh, yeah.

Must be hell for everyone in Christchurch. But that is all I’m going to say about Christchurch because it’s too soon and I can’t be trusted… the jokes are brewing, it’s only a matter of time before they rise up like liquefaction. Try as I might to  keep my pencil blunt, we know I’ll be reaching for the sharpener shortly.

So, the rest of the week looks set to be devoted to work, Thank God! (Actually thank whoever the fuck you want, I’m not bothered.)

Doing two interviews in one week (and it’s only Wednesday) has cut huge swathes out of my writing time, and that’s without being in the Author Spotlight on Backspace… although that was quiet today! (I don't know if that's good or bad, jury is still out.)

Tomorrow the plan is to sew the dog’s bed, which I was going to do today – but ran out of time. I shall also bake cherry cupcakes. (Seems the two dozen cupcakes I made yesterday are all but gone!) And I will write. I really want to get this 5th Byte novel finished by the middle of July.

Today while I was chatting on Twitter a new character began to emerge. I was talking with the very sparkly and hilarious Rouge and this wispy woman wafted across my vision. I could see a tiara,(quite frankly that’s not unusual in a conversation with Rouge… it’s how it is.), but then I saw the woman wearing it. She winked at me, flipped someone off and sauntered on her way. Damn, I liked her immediately.
I know we’ll meet again. Next time she’ll probably tell me her name. At least I hope she does, she looked fun. I have no idea where she’s from or what she does for a living… those things will all become apparent later. But hell, I loved her tiara!

Let's face it people, there are not enough tiaras being worn these days! (I know I've said it before, but it's true.)


Rougeneck said...

I love her too. And my guess is that she can cut a grown to pieces with some cleverly chosen words. Or just kick has ass.

Cat Connor said...

I suspect she can reduce a man to tears with a few well chosen words. :)

I went to reply to your comment on my laptop earlier - wasn't signed in here, and the CAPTCHA was 'Rocker'- how fitting!


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