Friday, June 10, 2011

Updating: the journey to living with a Greyhound.

As you no doubt know, a few months ago we decided it was time to get another dog. This is not a decision to be taken lightly, ever. Dogs are needy critters. We’ve been without a dog for six years. Then we met a couple of Greyhounds and it became very clear what kind of dog we wanted to bring into our family. Timing is everything - Breezy is now five, and at school, so I have more time to spend with a dog.

Milly the ancient bunny died two weeks ago today. In some ways she has opened the door wider to a new pet by her death. Missy the cat is too independent to really be bothered by another animal in the house. As long as SHE gets to sit on top of the stereo directly under the heat pump she’s happy. (And really, good luck to a Greyhound trying to climb on top of the TV cabinet to do that!)

We’ve gone through the adoption process, passed all the requirements, and received final approval last night. We have a baby gate on hand, have taken down the bridge to Kane’s place (– kids are old enough to use the front door now! And Kane is a regular Tigger – he’s quite capable of jumping the six foot fence unaided.). The deck railing has been heightened with a bamboo screen to prevent our dog leaning over and possibly tearing himself on the fence between the railings while trying to say hello to Gholden and Raro next door.

There is a Greyhound sized gap in the living room, close to the heat, where the rabbit hutch used to be. The only thing I need to do now, is make the GIANT pillow cases for the two duvets. (Two single duvets folded in half and piled on top of each other inside a warm fleecy case = Greyhound bed)

I get to sew for a dog! Isn’t that just hilarious? Greyhounds have thin skin, thin fur, no fat… they need jammies on cold night, and fleecy coats during the day, and raincoats. I’m seeing a HUGE opportunity to advertise my books… on my dog’s back. Little dogs wearing clothes irk me, but the idea of something as regal as a Greyhound with a coat on – seems quite normal.

I don’t think I’m the only one looking forward to bringing a Greyhound home – Action Man is regularly looking at the GAP website, seeing which dogs are there and who he likes the look of. Kids are obviously excited. Boy Wonder loves the idea of another dog but isn’t totally sold on a Greyhound as that dog – yet. Thing with him is, he LOVES dogs, all dogs. I know he’ll fall in love with any dog coming into our family. And hopefully, he’ll be coming with us to see the dog too. (So will the Admins. Because this is a family thing.)

I’m most looking forward to having an intelligent dog around again and to having a large animal asleep in the living room. (The cat looks at me funny when I ramble on at her about the latest WIP – but dogs seem to like it.) Plus I get company on the walk to school and back. Which might be too much for the dog, twice a day… they don’t much like to exercise. Will start with just the morning walk and build up to the afternoons.

Right, that’s all from me this Friday.

As soon as we find our dog I’ll post pictures.

Meanwhile – you could buy my books… Greyhounds don’t come cheap ya know.

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