Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday night and all's well?

All day Breezy has been singing “Black velvet band.”

We don’t know why… I love that she knows most of the words. It’s always been one of my favorite tunes.

As for the rest of the day – Breezy is still sick. Her temp was 39.5 tonight. Nights are worse, although she’s not that good the rest of the day either. It’s not much fun for her. She looks so sad.

Apart from the sick Breezy… the weekend was quiet. I got some fleece fabric today to make Romeo some camo jammies. Yeah, camo jammies. There wasn’t a lot of choice in manly type fleece. I really don’t want my dog wearing little yellow duckie jammies or butterflies.

Also went to Animates to get the crack for the cat. (You probably call it Fancy Feast – trust me it’s cat crack – she goes fuc’n nuts if we run out, despite the fact that she was Purina cat biscuits as well! I think the cat can count, when we get down to a few cans she starts to panic.)

While we were there, we got Romeo a honking stuffed yellow duck! He loves it. Took him a few minutes to figure out how to make it honk. He’s so cute.

Tonight it’s raining – he went to the door, looked out and went back to bed. Hilarious.

At the moment I’m being totally blinded by the sparkle on my eyes, that’ll teach me for finding a set of five glitter eye shadows – the type that wouldn’t be out of place in a strip joint or maybe on the set of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. We’re talking real glitter here people!

 I couldn’t resist playing with it. So my eyes are shining like diamonds, now if I could just find a black velvet band. I’m pretty darn sure I could be the queen of the land.

Okay moving right along before this crazy train derails completely.

Hoping Breezy will be better tomorrow  - but not betting on it.

So here’s her favorite song of the day:


Karen from Mentor said...

"I really don’t want my dog wearing little yellow duckie jammies or butterflies."

hee hee hee and hee some more. Dogs in jammies make me giggle. But I bet if you made coordinating/contrasting jammies for four or five other dogs and then sat them around a poker table and took a picture.....the image would probably sell in minutes on ebay.

Hi luv. Just popped in to give you a smooch.

Cat Connor said...

Smooching ya back! Missed you around here. :)

Romeo now has red, purple and camo jammies... he likes his camo ones the best. Am thinking he'd probably like the ducky ones, his favorite toy is a stuffed yellow duck! :)

I see you...

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