Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So, this is Romeo...

This is Romeo.
He's asleep.
It's exhausting being so good looking.
No, really, it is.
I take him for a walk every morning and he hold his head just a little higher when people stop and fuss over him... oh, hell, they don't even have to stop, they just have to pause on the other side of the street... he knows they're looking at him. :)

Romeo's favorite thing (apart from little teeny bits of cherry cupcakes...) is to sleep.

Here he is in his red Pajamas... yeah, he's dozing again.

Today I discovered that he likes to chase tennis balls, and kinda fetches. Yeah, kinda. He brings the ball back and drops if where ever he feels like it. He'll do it twice, and then go lie down on his bed.
Quite frankly I can't blame him... fetch is a mindless game for lesser dogs.
Three is his thing.
He ran like a lunatic around the garden in a big figure eight  -three times, then, you guessed it... needed another nap.
When he's not asleep, he prefers to be hugged and stroked and generally made a fuss of by Squealer and Breezy. And then when The Boy Wonder get's home from work he gets a fuss made of him all over again.

We bought Romeo home on Sunday. By Sunday night he was pretty comfy in his new family. But today, he's started playing more. He's been cheeky from the beginning. Being such a quiet dog, he sneaks up on doorways and pokes his head around to see what's going on... pretty funny to see him do it.
He is very obedient. Very easy to walk (he'd sooner be asleep.)
This photo I love, this was from today... he's in mid crazy. Looks a bit mad, definitely in a weird position... he was making a tight turn at speed!

He leaps in the living room when I throw his stuffed giraffe to him, leaps and smacks it with his paws, then bounds about with it and eventually retires to cuddle G-G-Gerry the giraffe on his bed.

So, happy family all round.

A beautiful dog who is just happy to be here and embraces life, and happy kids who have a dog that adores them as much as they adore him.

Not to mention a happy me... cos now I have a dog again. :)

Even Missy the snooty cat is okay with him. It'd be hard not to be, he is very respectful of her!

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