Saturday, June 4, 2011

One way or Another

Sometimes you just need to hear Blondie.
Maybe I felt like hearing this after writing a short story titled, One way or Another. And, yeah, it is a Byte short. Listen to the song  - you should be able to tell what the story is about.

Sometime this weekend I will give it a final tweak and send it to my publisher. Us Rebels were asked to come up with a few short stories and so forth. So far I've managed one. But I did enjoy it, it is on some level cathartic - so there you go.

Apart from a short story for my publisher I am currently working on the 5th Byte novel.
Last week it got quite rough going - thankfully I think I have finished the horrid scenes and can now move on with the story!

Soundbyte excerpt
Chapter one:
Under my Umbrella.

With my hands on my hips, I bent at the waist and breathed hard. I huffed in air trying to fill my lungs. Thick sticky air clogged my throat almost choking me. Today I hate Washington in the spring. Pounding feet from across the street came to an abrupt stop. I looked over. Lee was standing on the street corner. One hand resting on the rain splattered building, as he too attempted to suck in vast quantities of air. I caught his eye and shook my head. A song erupted from somewhere close I looked into the windows next to me expecting it be a cafĂ© or hair salon which might account for the music. 
No such luck.
Kevin Costner and Modern West sang Maria Nay. My own private concert and it made no sense. I wasn’t chasing a woman. Maybe my mind didn’t know any songs about chasing someone in the rain? 

* * * 
Hope y'all have an excellent weekend.

I'm out of bed... so it's looking more promising than it was an hour ago.

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