Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Murder board

As much as I hate the idea of using Post-it notes. Ever. Again. It occurred to me last night that Soundbyte requires a murder board.
I need to bring out the BIG white board... but I'm also going to need Post-it notes/sticky notes. Because it's easier to move things around when they're sticky. Yes, it is. (And for you smart asses that think magnets and memo squares would work, you're right, but I don't see me going out to find small enough magnets to do the job with a sick Breezy!)

Last night I was making notes, and it became very obvious that this case is too complicated for my notebook - it needs to be a single timeline all spread out so I can see it all at once.

I'm going to open the packet of sticky notes that I bought in the States (They're really fun - and say across the top "Things you do that really piss me off.") - I have to open them because I have no Post-it's or sticky notes in the house. For good reason, if you've read killerbyte and terrorbyte then you're probably not keen on sticky type notes either. I especially don't like those extra sticky ones.

Would be handy if I had someone to discuss this case with! Dammit why don't I have my own team?? Would make this one a lot easier. lol

Okay so I kinda do, but no one else can hear them. :)

Think Breezy's throat is a bit better (yay for Pamol), suspecting her temp is still up - she's rambling like a loon.

Have a good Tuesday folks!

And awesomeness... Action Man forgot to take the wheelie bin out this morning... I rushed it out and hoped like hell the garbage man hadn't been. He hasn't. Whew! :)

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