Friday, July 1, 2011

It's not always as easy as it looks...

It doesn’t always go as smoothly as you’d think – this writing lark.

Mostly it goes exactly how I think it will go, and then all of a sudden the story packs a snot and goes running home to mommy. This week it was like that. Not that I could really get much work done with a sick child, but when I did have the chance – it just wouldn’t.

Can you say frustrating?

And, no, it’s not writers block – there is no such beast.

What was it?

A scene that insisted it wanted to be in the middle of this book and would not let me move it… and it was wrong! WRONG!

So last night when I realized the issue was the scene I knew what I had to do. This morning I began the gutting process. Yeah, gutting. I gutted the middle of the WIP. Ripped it out and all later references to it and plonked it where it actually belongs – at the end. Tricky bugger thought it could camp in the middle of my book and screw everything up… Scenes in the wrong place? Noooooo.

With the offending scene moved (and really, it is quite offensive) I got to work… I wrote several new scenes and everything is flowing along nicely now.  

That’ll teach it to fuck with me.

Looking forward to getting this book finished now that I know where everything belongs and am starting to get a handle on who did what. Would’ve been done by now if Ellie hadn’t insisted on this scene being where it didn’t belong!

Ha ha ha,  Power Rangers are on TV. Talk about crap!

Oh, man, I can’t watch this – I can’t believe they re-made it WORSE than the original. Although I shouldn’t be surprised… come on people, make something NEW.

Let me suggest my books, at least they’re NEW and FRESH! Okay, they’re not for kids… but I’ve moved on to complaining about the lack of entertaining movies and TV for us grown-up types. Apart from NCIS, NCIS LA, and Criminal minds there is nothing worth watching – they’re canned Human Target, which was the only other decent show!!

Right, back to work… but y’all have something to think about now, don’t ya??

killerbyte would make an excellent TV series (or movie, but I reckon TV series first!)
Hell, they all would. :)

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